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Early press for The More Things Change:


"...a gorgeous piece of work that is easily accessible and an album that should open her to a whole new world of fans, Folk fanatics or not.  The More Things Change is a stunning record that breaks out of its genre.... I wouldn’t change a thing about this album and I hope to hear more from Amy Coffman very soon."

"Amy Coffman is a breath of fresh air in the ever-budding Folk music scene."

"5 out of 5 stars"

...Melissa Nastasi 


“…an organic, authentic record...The More Things Change is a strong selection of songs and stories from a talented singer/songwriter..."

...Ross Barber



"...a beautiful collection of songs.

“In a world where over-produced, auto-tuned music commands so much attention—Coffman’s  The More Things Change is a breath of fresh air. The entire album is well-done and a joy to hear."

...Emma Peterson

 "It’s easy to love Coffman’s songs, especially this album’s title track.  

 "Amy Coffman sings a little like Mary Chapin Carpenter, in that she’s a subtle vocalist...Just as Coffman’s musical styling leans toward the subtle side, so also does her lyrical approach. She’s so nonchalant; in fact, winning couplets might just sneak past you without you fully noticing them.  On “Things Left Behind” she sings, “It takes a certain amount of bravery/Just to grow old.”  These are not complicated words.  Nevertheless, they’re powerful.  

"She has a maturity and...warmth about her that always makes you feel like she’s singing to you – just to you – and not at you.  It's a rare thing to discover a vocalist with this much natural warmth..."

...Dan MacIntosh

"The More Things Change really finds Amy Coffman in her comfort zone, offering up Texas-tinged tales of life, love, and loss, and supported by a fine set of players.  Her voice, both lyrically and sonically, reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, Coffman croons through thirteen generally mid-tempo rollers starting with the easy-going “Parallel Tracks,” enhanced by some solid electric guitar licks from Danny Parks while “The More Things Change” does just that, changing things up a bit with Parks bringing his dobro into the mix and lending the track an extra dose of warmth.

"...guitar and pedal steel frame great lyrics like “I am the lighted tip of your cigarette/The ashes fall but the smoke remains” on “Cover of Darkness” before giving way to the up-tempo fuel of “Because You Did” and it’s homage to the artist’s brother.  Dobro and mandolin lend some texture to “Ethic (Work Hard)” and it’s tale of life and loss while  “Dream House” keeps things solidly in the artist’s wheelhouse, the subtle arrangement laying down (a)...canvas for Coffman to paint her lyrics upon.

 "Clearly both a talented musician and songwriter, she delivers a solid brand of Texas-tinged folk and Americana...bringing heartfelt songwriting together with well-performed Texas melodies."

...Andrew Greenhalgh

"a well-rounded musician, with a high level of technical aptitude and a lot of heart.

 "...One thing that immediately strikes you about this track, is its honesty.  There’s nothing false, no flashy production, no pop hooks.  It sounds like it has been written as an expression of Coffman’s love and appreciation, rather than for commercial consumption.  This is an admirable and brave thing to do, and makes Coffman’s songwriting and performance even more likeable.

"Coffman’s delivery is crisp and clear and her phrasing borrows somewhat from Joni Mitchell.  There’s a real authenticity to the vocal performance...'Record (for Mom)' is a track that may not have mass commercial appeal, but is one that is honest, heartfelt and true – qualities that are undeniably more valuable than commerciality."

...Ross Barber