Amarillo Women’s Collaborative

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509 S Grant, Amarillo, TX

Celebrate International Woman’s Day! I’m proud to be participating in this event. “ The Amarillo Women's Collaborative will be a FREE day long event including booths with a variety of local vendors selling goods, educating attendees on services they provide and even a few local organizations displaying the supportive services they offer for women including physical healthcare, mental healthcare and resources for a better life. We will have entertainment from local female musicians on a main stage throughout the day. We also plan on offering scheduled workshops highlighting sustainable living practices. The event will be free to attend and workshops will require only the cost of supplies needed to participate.“ I’ll be doing a 30-45 min set, time TBA...

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      Welcome to my little Homepage-on-the-Range.           
   I am a songwriter, guitar strummer, coffee drinker,
horse-calmer-downer, book collector, prairie appreciator.           
              I like places where edges meet:
 plains and foothills, science and art, suburbia and nature. 


 "Amy Coffman has a subtle groove that makes you want to put the song on repeat and listen again and again. Her songs are little stories with a backbeat - well thought, effortlessly crafted and real. This is a great album." ... Celeste Krenz
"...a well-rounded musician, with a high level of technical aptitude and a lot of heart."
"High Plains Think-Pop."  

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