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SWEET! I'll be playing bass for the sublime & wondrous HONEyhoUSe at the Burger Day Festival in El Reno, OK in May! Love these women, with their beautiful voices and music. I can't wait to play these tunes!


Been jamming on banjo lately with legendary Austin/Amarillo guitarist & songwriter Johnny Reverb Holston, who has got another album brewing. Also jamming with us are Buddy Squyres on upright bass and Dane Wynne on violin... This is becoming a band!  In fact we have a gig on May 30th, so someone better come up with a name. I suggested Bandy McBandface.


Nashville artist Jill Riley has returned to her Panhandle roots and has just begun work on her next album, called Common Ground. She has decided to record in Amarillo and use all Panhandle musicians -- I'm thrilled to be playing both banjo and some bass on this project! Jill is a powerful writer and all the songs I've heard so far have been KILLER. 


Big THANK YOU to Michael Sinks & the folks at the Woody Guthrie Folk Music Center in Pampa, for being the winning bidders of The DustJackets' donated concert during High Plains Public Radio's recent pledge drive. We couldn't have asked for a better audience, nicer folks, or a more worthwhile media cause to support. We love HPPR & good people like you!  


My end of October self-imposed writing retreat had just the perfect ending: Joan Baez, live at the Lensic Theater in Santa Fe, second row. She is still amazing. Fantastic show, band, setting, and crowd. 


Lived through October 15th:  3 gigs in one day. A fun challenge that I now do not feel compelled to take on again. Thanks for the bookings, everyone! 


I'll be playing a solo show at Kerrville's Blue Sage Hall, with Kerrville New Folk 2-time finalist, Randy Palmer!  WOOT!!


What a fantastic summer! Had a blast playing at so many wonderful, city-wide events: Starlight Theater, the brand new CREATE! Arts Fest, the Community Market, etc. The DustJackets feel honored to have been the "favorite act" of the Community Market series and we can't wait to come back next year. Thanks, city of Amarillo, for all the opportunities to share music with appreciative folks!


Back from a great time in Tucson and ready for summer!  Thanks TKMA, for your superb hospitality. Saguaros, sangria, & sweet, sweet music...


2/16  Fantastic session in Nashville with Jay Vern on the board, Jonathan Yudkin on dobro, mando, & banjo, Sam Hunter on bass & some guitar, and Wayne Killius on drums.


5/15 Just found out The DustJackets have been selected as finalists in the Songwriter Competition at next month's Soul-Stice Festival!  Sooo amped about this!  After that, back to Nashville to work on the Travelogue EP...


5/15  Back home again after a great Spring mini tour w shows in West Texas, AZ, & NM. Finished up with The DustJackets meeting me in Santa Fe for a full-band show at The Cowgirl. As always, a fantastic time on the road, w cool new friends, & gorgeous scenery enjoyed!


2/15 Getting ready for Maggie Fest: 2-21-15. Music all day at Joe Daddy's, noon-10pm. The DustJackets are on at 2pm. 


10/14:  WOW, October has been a great month!  Featured on Panhandle PBS AND had the wonderful privilege of appearing at Austin College as a panelist & performer for their inaugural Roos Who Write Conference, along w my old bandmates, the fine songwriters of the Tone Deaf Cowboys. Our songwriting panel & talk on campus was well-attended, as were the two shows the Tone Deaf Cowboys played. Thank you to Panhandle PBS, Austin College, and Carol Daeley!


8/14:  Featured on Women of Substance Radio!


3/14: Say Goodbye to ETR, say Hello to The DustJackets!  Same folky, retrocoustic goodness, but a name that bears less explanation. Life is too short. Folk on!




  MY PANDORA STATION IS NOW ACTIVE!  Lots of country on it for some reason...just one of those mysteries of life. Amy Coffman Radio, check it out!


   Got a mention & a few spins on Fresh Folk this week, courtesy of Blair Larsen & Utah Public Radio--thanks, Blair!


   Just found out my song "Ethic", from the new CD, is going to be played on THE FOLK SAMPLER this week---Mike Flynn's wonderful, venerable NPR program!!! I've listened to this show for years and could NOT BE more thrilled. THANKS, MIKE!!  Serious bucket list check for me. :)  Check your local public radio schedule for airtimes.


 Have been getting some diverse airplay including, most recently, on Bob McWilliams' fine program Trail Mix, from Kansas Public radio. Thanks, Bob!  Thanks also to Pam Smith of Amazon Radio (great all women playlist), who played "Cover of Darkness" recently. And I'm delighted to be a featured artist on Houston-based OutRadio for the month of August, thanks to JD Doyle!


Was just notified that THE MORE THINGS CHANGE was accepted by Pandora and should be active w/in a few months!!  So jazzed. Pandora had nearly an 8% radio share in the US in April, and over 50 million listeners worldwide!


  "Parallel Tracks" was played on the NPR program "Silver Rails" yesterday---many thanks to Debra Bolton & Lynn Boitano, who produce this wonderful & eclectic program!


  Wow, beautiful night of original music at the Songwriters in the Round show. We shared songs with a full, attentive room, told stories, had some laughs and sold some CDs. Thanks again, HPPR, for this magical opportunity. 


THE MORE THINGS CHANGE has been getting some good play on HPPR, our NPR affiliate. Thanks to music director Mike Fuller for your support of independent artists!


Just glanced at the latest issue of AMARILLO STYLE while waiting in the checkout line at United, and there's a full page color photo of me w the resonator I sold. It's the new ad for Ralph Duke Photography!  Kewel, thanks Ralph! You RAWK.


    IT'S HERE!!  My CD THE MORE THINGS CHANGE is finally here, in glorious boxes-full on my dinner table, & it's all I can do not to Snoopy Dance every time I walk by. It's available NOW (see the brand-spankin-new "Store" link), but also look for a pre-release next month, when I will be featured in the HPPR Songwriter Showcase here in Amarillo.  YEAH BAYBEES!!  Life is good!


   Great day tracking some acoustic, instrumental demos of tunes with Amarillo's multi-instrumentalist & musician extraordinaire Dave Freyer at the controls. Fantastic way to spend a cold, gray afternoon. Thanks for the help, Freyer Music Studios!

FRIDAY, SEPT. 27th... With shock & deep sadness I learned last night of the passing of Tommy Wells, one of Nashville's finest session drummers. Tommy played on my CD, THE MORE THINGS CHANGE. I shared the following tribute on Facebook:



Stunned & heartbroken. I had the great honor & privilege of having Tommy Wells play on my CD. My experience recording in Nashville & getting to play w session players was & still is a peak experience for me, but of all the amazing musicians I had the opportunity to play w & listen to, there was only one that I knew right then I wanted to have on all my recordings from here on out, & that was Tommy. Years of playing bass probably factors into this, but the instant I heard him, I knew he was “my” drummer.  He was a human metronome but capable of being outrageously slippery when the song called for it. A recording artist friend of my producer listened to one of our rough mixes & said “where on earth did you find a drummer in Nashville who can play off the beat like that?”  I told her that was Tommy, & that that was why he’d be my drummer as long as he was willing to. 

      I gave him second billing on my album credits—unusual for a drummer---but it seemed right, because other than me, he was the only player who’d played on every track. More than that, though, he had my back. When I for some reason kept having trouble w the counting on a certain part of the song “15  Minutes”, it was Tommy who said, “don’t worry; I’ll lead you back”, and he did, easy as pie. Problem solved.

    Likewise, it was Tommy who eagerly ran to the van to fetch a “trashier” snare, or grab his congas, or who suggested brushes here, maybe hand percussion there.  We joked in between tracks, Tommy leaning against the wall reading lyric sheets. He was quick to laugh and just as quick to talk about other subjects, such as his son’s hockey career, which he seemed to be as proud of as anything he’d achieved in music.

   He was a modest guy,  a consummate professional who had played w Motown greats yet seemed to take no less care w my session, despite the fact that I was, in comparison to others in his CV,  a complete nobody. He was true musician. A player’s player.  He cared. We swapped a few emails after I had returned to TX following the sessions, and one in particular, I treasure. I had thanked him for the great job he & the session guys did on my tracks, and he immediately fired back “that WE did”… I had done my own guitar parts & he wanted to be sure I didn’t downplay that. That was Tommy.

    I had two security blankets in the studio w me during that peak experience of recording my debut CD in Nashville. One was, of course, my producer Celeste Krenz... the other was Tommy. The timing of this is stupifying; I had just exchanged emails w (engineer) Jay Vern not two days ago, about coming back to Nashville to begin my second CD, using Tommy & bassist Sam Hunter.  I was compiling a list of songs to track & already excited about the prospect of the three of us working together again. This is all surreal. Right now, I can’t imagine a session w/o Tommy in the booth, talking to me through the headphones, instantly telling me the bpm when I asked for it, or once saying “you’re pushing me”, because I was.  I’ve done a session without Celeste. But I’ve never done one without Tommy.

    Funny thing, on an album with lots of tasty licks by some scary players of stringed things: Danny Parks, Robby Turner, Sam Hunter… my favorite lick on the entire album appears at the 4 minute mark on the song “The Cursive Glow.” It’s not a guitar lick. It’s Tommy.

     RIP, my friend. My love & gratitude to you for sharing your immense gifts w me, with all of us.