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     Welcome to my little Homepage-on-the-Range.           
   I am a songwriter, guitar strummer, coffee drinker,
horse-calmer-downer, book collector, prairie appreciator.           
              I like places where edges meet:
 plains and foothills, science and art, suburbia and nature. 
                          Happy 2019, everyone! 
I want  to take a moment to say thank you to all you lovelies who attended my shows in 2018. You rock!   Though I spent much of the year focused on The DustJackets, I did manage to get in a few solo shows, and I plan to do many more in the upcoming year. 
Look also, for the release of The Faraway, (finally!), and the premier of a new acoustic trio project.  I have also been in the studio finishing up work on the long-awaited Tone Deaf Cowboy album, Saturday Night in the Promised Land. 
                           It‘s going to be a full & exciting year! 
News from the front lines:  My unreleased track  "High Time for Pie Time" --from the upcoming album The Faraway--placed 2nd in the Humor category at the 2017 Walnut Valley Festival (Winfield) NewSongs competition!!!  Thanks so much to the judges!!
SO EXCITED!!  Just found out that my song "The More Things Change" earned an Honorable Mention in the 2016 Woody Guthrie Folk Festival Songwriting Competition. Thrilled & grateful to be among such fine company. 
             2015 was a gratifying year, full of blessings & challenges.
                  A few of the blessings:
       2nd Place Winner -- SoulStice Festival Songwriting Competition 
                                     (Songs: Travelogue, Parallel Tracks)
       2nd Place Winner --Walnut Valley Festival ("Winfield") NewSongs Competition
                               (Category: Sweet Memories    Song: Ethic (Work Hard))
       2nd Place Winner --Walnut Valley Festival ("Winfield") NewSongs Competition
                              (Category: None of the Above  Song: The More Things Change)

                      Thanks for stopping by!




 "Amy Coffman has a subtle groove that makes you want to put the song on repeat and listen again and again. Her songs are little stories with a backbeat - well thought, effortlessly crafted and real. This is a great album." 
"...a well-rounded musician, with a high level of technical aptitude and a lot of heart."
"High Plains Think-Pop."